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Our Admissions

Thank you for your interest in Priscilla & Kids Company . We are excited to offer you the opportunity to be a part of the PKC community. Our faculty and staff are men and women dedicated in providing excellent care and education. Our curriculum is Primarily governed by the Ministry of Education with additions such as earlier introduction of some aspects of the curriculum as well as early introdution to spanish, music and information technology. This is done in order to better prepare and challenge students to be the best version of themselves. Not only do we offer a wide range of educational experiences, but also the opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of learning styles and abilities.

Please read through the application process below. To print the regeistration forms are optional but are availabe should you prefer to fill out the forms before coming to our school.


School Location

Lot 84 Main St.

GreewoodSt. James


Headquarters Location

4650 Lipscomb St.

Palm Bay, Florida



Day Care Location

Lot 561 North View Dr.

Rhynes Prk Village, St. James


How to Apply

Step 3

Payment is done at the bank using voucher forms that are apart of the resistration package and can also be collected singly at the School Office

Resitration Fee  JA$500

Tuition  JA$25000 per Semester

( 3 Semester in total)

Auxiliary Fee $3000 per Semester

(3 Terms in Total)

Online  Payment not yet available

Step 2

Step 1

You may pick up a

Resitration Package  at our School Location 


Download this PDF

form and fill in all the correct details!

 Take to the School Office the following: 

  1. Registration Form Completed

  2. Passport Size Photo

  3. Immunization Card( Orignal& Copy)

  4. Birth Certificate ( Original & Copy)

  5. Medical Report Completed

  6. Publication Permission Signed

For any more information visit the address above or contact Our School Office at 8769531305

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