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Priscilla & Kids Company Day Care

About The Day Care

This is a thrilling and an exciting for both you and your child.  Priscilla and Kids Company Day Care provides a stimulating environment where your child can begin to roam and explore their new mobility safely.  Care Givers provides consistent warm physical contact, providing hugs and a nurturing atmosphere to establish your child’s sense of security and well being.


Our Day Care provides safe learning environments. 
Age appropriate materials are readily available for your child to discover shapes, colors and patterns.

We provide both fine motor and gross motor activities to encourage your child’s development.

Priscilla and Kids Company also encourages healthy eating habits. We also works with parents as your child becomes ready for potty training.

As your children get older they becoming better at communicating their thoughts through gestures as well as verbally.  Our Care Givers encourage the children’s language development through songs, stories and other fun hands on learning activities.

Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care services are also provided at Priscilla and Kids Company Day Care. Offered especially for those times when parents need to leave earlier than school starts and reach home later than school is over.

Care Givers provide specific play and home work times as  necessary.You will enjoy the comfort of this service knowing your child is safe and in good hands.


The Application Forms can be filled out at location or can be downloaded here and brought to location along wih the following:

Copy of Birth Certificate

Copy of Immunization Documents

Passport Sized Photo


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