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1.Complete uniform must be worn.

2. Jewelry, such as bangles, chains and rings etc. may not be worn to school. Small gold/silver knobs (not earrings) may be worn. Watches may be worn by Grades 1-6 only.


3. Children's hair should be combed appropriately for school. Hair extensions are not allowed, and hair accessories should be in keeping with uniform colours(Please do not overdo)


4. Punctuality and promptness must always be observed.


5. After 2 days of absence, a student must report to the teacher and present an excuse, written and signed by his/her parents or guardian.


6. After 7 days of absence, a doctor's certificate is required.


7. If a child is to be excused from Physical Education, the student should present the reason in writing from her parent/guardian.


8. The office must be notified in advance if a student has to leave the compound for any appointment during school hours.


9. Students leaving the compound during school hours must be signed out in the office.



10. Students will only be allowed to leave the school compound with persons listed on the pick up list that is on the registration form. New names can only be added by the parent/guardian at the school office. The new person must present an I.D. to the office, a copy will be made.


11. Parents may not visit classrooms for any reason during school hours unless permission is obtained from the office. If any items to be delivered to your child, it must be taken TO THE OFFICE.


12. Parents who wish to see teachers must make an appointment with the teacher.


13. All items brought to school MUST be labeled.


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