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Mission of the Kindergarten Program

We want to welcome you and your child to our kindergarten program at

Priscilla's Preparatory School. We are looking forward to an exciting

year of new experiences and lots of fun and development!


It is during the first years of life that children form attitudes about

themselves, others, learning, and the environment. These attitudes last

a lifetime, so we work very hard to find ways to help children develop

positive attitudes and maximize their learning capability.


Educating a child is most successful when families and schools work

together in the best interest of the child. We welcome your input and

assistance in educating your child, after all, you are your child’s first



Valuing education and the opportunities it provides are

important first steps. We are hopeful that you will find time to

participate in all of our school activities.


We promise to work diligently to provide the children with wonderful

experiences that help them to feel good about themselves and their school.

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