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All parents MUST attend P.T.A. meetings.If a parent is unable to attend you MUST

        send a representative.

All parents MUST attend CLASS meetings.If a parent is unable to attend you MUST

        send a representative.     

Parents MUST participate in all school activities.


Informed regarding calendar and updates will be communicate via memoranda, letters and website newsletters.Therefore parents should check their children’s bag daily for communications or the school’s website.


The school will call parents in the event that there is an emergency. Please notify us immediately if any contact numbers change.


All parents must ensure that their child is properly attired in their correct uniform.

Be respectful to the staff, students, and other members of the school community at all times.


Strive to assist the staff and the school community in increasing the overall academic achievement and safety of your child at school.


Follow the school protocol for handling complaints by first seeking a resolution through the office in a positive and professional manner.


Refrain from using profanity and inappropriate language on the school grounds.


 Please dress appropriately when entering the school property or you will be barred.

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