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The Inspiration of Priscilla and Kids Company

Priscilla was born on June 17, 2004. During her birth, both Priscilla and her mother – Dr. Bithiah Gedaliah - suffered a near death experience which later on would positively affect the rest of their lives. In the midst of Dr. Gedaliah's ordeal - during and after delivery -she saw the protecting hand of God over her life, and perceived purpose behind the birth of her child. She knew that her daughter’s birth meant something special and as a result the lives of many would be touched.

Dr. Bithiah Gedaliah then decided that out of her experience something had to live on. This led to the establishing of the Priscilla’s Preparatory School on January 8, 2007, in Greenwood, St. James, Jamaica, which she named after her daughter Priscilla.

The School was established upon the concept that if students were brought into a family oriented environment, where they were taught to care for each other, rather than being hostile to each other, and where they were made to feel special and of worth, then they would be more confident and relaxed, hence would perform at a higher level.

This philosophy has been put to the test at Priscilla’s Preparatory School and has reaped remarkable positive results. We have had students from different backgrounds and nationalities, who have blossomed into loving, caring students, with many doing exceptionally well academically and socially.

Dr. Bithiah Gedaliah has certainly allowed a negative situation to produce a positive result, which will live on for years, and continue to touch the lives of many. Her near death experience is a living reminder of the fact that our difficulties are not designed to destroy us, but rather, they are designed to build us and become a stepping stone to greater things, if we allowed it.

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