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Mission Statement

To contribute to the process of building men and women of integrity and high standard, who in return will make a positive contribution to society.

To ascertain students learning needs through assessment, and to provide them with the necessary tools and assistance in an environment conducive to learning and growth, in order to help them Discover, Develop and Deploy their special God given gifts and talents for the betterment of themselves and humanity at large.


· To provide a clean, safe and stimulating environment conducive to learning and development.


·To help shape students into becoming men and women who are guided by integrity and high standards ,which is the basis of excellence and lasting success.


·To challenge students in order to maximize their potential academically, socially, physically, emotionally,and otherwise.


·To help develop students into individuals who will lead responsible, meaningful and balanced lives.


·To instill in students the importance of the English language,And encourage conversational Spanish as part of their preparation to meet the challenges of a global society.

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